Thursday, August 26, 2010

Industrial [WRECKAGE]©

Here’s the latest piece of furniture created from my debris field. I found an old wooden workbench top at an estate sale a few months ago. That’s all the inspiration I needed to build a table. After acquiring all the steel to construct the base from one of the shadier flea markets, I was ready to start cutting and drilling. Once the main frame was assembled the steel was painted green. Then the fun part…make it look old…really old. I went for that 19th century factory look, so there are lots of chips, peeling paint and rust. I built a “parts tray” for the base and numbered the compartments…gotta keep that factory look going. The tray was painted and then completely trashed. It’s chipped, gouged, stained and splattered…a complete wreck. Check out the links below for more hardcore [WRECKAGE].  
Selected creations are available for purchase at “The Muddy Moose” in New Hartford, Connecticut